At Evident Point, we are the Readium experts and we provide consultation and commercial support to Readium users world-wide.

Readium is a free, open source, cross-platform reading system engine that provides the best way to read EPUB, the fastest-growing eBook format. It is used inside many applications, including Adobe Digital Edition, RM books, and ActiveTextbook.


In addition to our own content protection system, ATB provides options to use the most popular DRM solutions from third parties.

ATB comes with tools for integration with SONY User Rights Management Solutions (URMS) right out of the box. All that is needed to get it working is the license and the configuration options.

In addition, Evident Point provides the tools for integrating with Adobe Content Server with its DRM. The customers have to acquire Adobe permission and can contact Evident Point.

Contact us to know more about ActiveTextbook technological resources!


We are associate members of the Consortium since 2017, working on LTI standard integration with EPUB standard. ActiveTextbook is in the process of certification by IMS as a certified tool provider.


We are members of W3C, specifically the Publishing Group, working on EPUB3 standards.


Hypothesis is the leading online open platform for annotating the web, allowing users to hold discussions, read socially, and take personal notes.

We have been actively involved in numerous projects with Hypothesis; together with our esteemed partners, we have recently completed the Hypothesis and Readium integration to bring open source annotation support to EPUBs through Readium.


ReadSpeaker is our trusted partner when it comes to accessibility and audiobooks. With ReadSpeaker, you can make your online and offline books more accessible using the power of text to speech. It supports a wide range of languages and voices, and the audio files can be used both online and offline in your web applications, mobile apps, presentations, or e-learning materials.


WordPress is the most popular framework for building websites and is a perfect match for integrating with ATB. The most important thing you would need is the ability to provide Single Sign-On (SSO) with a website, so only those who signed to the website get access to the specific books in ATB. We recommend WordPress OAuth plug-in for SSO server to provide SSO. Contact us so we can provide the sample code for your site.


eThink is a highly customizable eLearning platform on Moodle that provides a fully-managed eLearning solution. They cover all of your LMS needs, such as implementation, hosting, management, customization, and support.


Are you thinking about selling your books or documents online? You can create your own 24/7 e-commerce storefront with our trusted partner, Volusion.