What was going on in your business that sent you looking for a solution like ours?

Delivros is offering distribution, logistics and consultancy services around learning content for the higher education market in Switzerland. In February 2016, we started an evaluating process for an e-textbook platform for schools that are our customers. Besides the technical requirements, we wanted to deal with a company that is familiar with the needs of the higher education market and that has proven expertise in PDF and EPUB based eBooks. Enriching and Sharing was the general technical focus of the technical requirements.


What made you confident that ActiveTextbook was a fit?

We wanted a solution that can be tailored to the main setting in schools for higher education in Switzerland: Part time lecturers in apprenticeship training. Soon we focused our evaluation on ActiveTextbook of Evident Point which we noticed early on in the evaluation process due to Evident Point's engagement in the Readium project. In the time until initial rollout in late summer 2016 as well later adjustments, the team at Evident Point was and is doing fantastic work.


And what has that meant for your business?

With the ActiveTextbook platform labeled for us as ebookx.ch, our customers now profit from a robust, rich but easy to use and evolving platform that meets the needs of schools in higher education wanting to deliver content from publishers (as well as own content scripts) to their students and lecturers allowing them to deeply engage with the content. We are now approaching the 3,000 students limit and have over 300 eBooks on the platform.

"As an ebook implementation service provider for K-12 schools, we were looking for an ebook platform that was full-featured, easy for students and teachers to use, and worked both online and offline on all the popular devices in education. ActiveTextbook has been a great partner in meeting our needs. They have a solid product backed by excellent and timely support, and they have steadily worked with us to enhance the ebook reader to best serve all our users."

Jeff Campbell
Director of Technology